Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Visit a shipping company on line The 1st 3D Virtual Shipping Company Tour is here

Created & produced by PROJECT CONNECT, the 3D virtual office tour is a first of a kind! Made for the entire international shipping industry and free to use.
Now every shipping and business student, teachers and families can enter a shipping company and learn about the various departments and roles, without having to get an appointment.
Project Connect chose to place the office building in the heart of the international shipping scene, Piraeus, and narrators are real time shipping executives.
It is a two-year project, envisioned by Irene Notias and inspired by the pandemic’s impact on education and training of youth.
During Covid when entry in shipping offices was prohibited, Irene, the director of Project Connect, decided to provide an office visit online so students wouldn’t miss out on an integral part of their education – vocations in shipping.
Remembering her office work in shipping companies and the thousands of office visits she made as a marine fuel broker visiting clients, she began writing a script and shared her idea with her team and some interested founder members.
One such member, Mr. Nikos Tsalamanios, Co-CEO of Seaven Group and Chairman of Project Connect sponsored the project in full.  
Irene had her script read/edited by several principals such as John Xylas, Nicholas Notias, Anna Polemis, Shipping HR Panos Sotiropoulos and shipping professionals, Mary Arvaniti and Nikos Marmatsouris before she gave it to a professional script writer for final proof reading.
All together, graphic, architect, montage, narrators, script writers, shipping and HR professionals,  they made an idea materialize by contributing their expertise.
Mary Arvaniti, Executive Assistant to George Tsavliris, is the female narrator, Nikos Marmatsouris, GAC Sr Group Marketing Manager, is the male narrator,  Maria Yiassa, Swedish Club Sr Marketing Manager, is the Executive Assistant voice and Symeon Tsalikoglou plays the CEO while Irene Notias gives the prologue.

It is worth taking the entire tour.

Watch the 30.25 minute tour now:       1st Virtual Shipping Company Tour    

Watch the 50 seconds short trailer:     https://vimeo.com//700251622

By accessing the virtual tour, the aspiring shipping graduate immerses her / himself in the door of an actual Greek shipping firm and via a knowledgeable and experienced virtual narrator / tour guide,  is taken through its every department in an exciting 3D setting !  The young graduate has the opportunity to view the professionals heading each department whilst learning of the day to day activities, practices and procedures required of their respective roles.   In other words, Project Connect’s first virtual shipping office tour, is an added powerful tool for aspiring shipping candidates, giving them unique insider knowledge of the fast-paced challenging work environment of a Greek shipping company. 
This innovative shipping office environment is freely available to Colleges and Universities, making it possible for shipping students to gain a clearer picture of the shipping firm beyond the pages of a Business / managerial text book.  This two-fold success is what anyone who is a member of Project Connect aspires to :  the success of our youth means success and the tangible added value to our shipping companies.   
Marianna Terzidaki,  BlueGeneration Project Coordinator of Militos S.A. a consulting firm says:  “I am positive that young people, who pursue a career in shipping, will find it very motivating to watch the 3D Virtual Tour at Evdokia Maritime Corporation, that provides a clear and realistic view of the organizational structure, the activities and the roles and responsibilities in a shipping company. “ 
Established in Greece since 2015, the NPO, Project Connect has been Greek Shipping’s main advocate, connecting educational institutions and graduates with the local job market with its online CV Platform of students and grads.  
It helped hundreds of striving shipping students and grads get a placement or internship after the financial crisis hit hard in Greece.
“During this period of crisis,  pandemics and war in our neighboring Ukraine, we pray for peace to prevail and we strive to continue our mission to enhance Greece’s youth with strength, hope and the tools they need to develop themselves for their future. Afterall they will be our leaders, as we age”, says Mary Arvaniti, member of the NPO and one of the two main narrators of the tour. 
Individuals who are part of the Shipping industry have a special quality – a passion- unique to Shipping ; one cannot be a part of this industry without loving every second of it.  
Shipping IS its people :  comprised of Dedicated men and women, with the appropriate education, a rare sense of responsibility and a willingness to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ on a daily basis – this is all depicted in the tour, to show to younger people the secret to shipping’s success.     
PROJECT CONNECT is an initiative of hope and tangibles which actively promote change for a better future for our youth and our country. 
Defined by its commitment to excellence, PROJECT CONNECT is removing obstacles in the path of our youth.  In the words of Honorary Chairman George Tsavliris, “Project Connect is daring to surpass the complacencies and sometimes even defy logic.”
The result is the strengthening of Greek Shipping competitiveness.

This production is in memory of the young shipping people who left too soon :  Nikos Tsiamis, Rena H. Notias,  Maria E. Tsakos, John D. Pateras, Cpt George Boulas, Helen Panagos & Patrick Hawkins
&  in memory of Eva Divari who happily permitted the use of her paintings on the virtual company’s walls but didn’t live to see the final production.